1950s caravan

Caravan chic, 50s 60s curtains

For many British holiday makers in the 50s and 60s, caravanning was the  perfect holiday for all of the family, and the British loved the open road and making a home from home wherever you stopped, on a mountain road with a view, by the seaside or in a field.

If you are re-creating the look of a 50s 60s interior in your camper van, caravan, or even in your home kitchen, look for authentic fabrics in barkcloth , cotton or mixtures, in abstract designs and bold colour ways.

In the shop, I am always on the look out for good authentic curtaining  and fabric pieces that will lend themselves to vintage sewing projects.  For an authentic look, use single rufflette tape, and consider fabric covered pelmets, valances and cupboard curtains as well as window curtains and cushions.

Look out for funky florals, space age and, as here, bold abstracts.

(caravan photo not my own)