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Home is a lovely little Welsh mill cottage tucked away in rural Carmarthenshire, and from here I run my two shops, Coolclobber and Floslingerie, on-line. I love living in this part of the world as I have access to both the country and the coast. The air is clean and the soil is rich. My small and very steep garden boasts a greenhouse, raised beds and pots galore, and provides vegetables and herbs through the summer months. In the autumn there is always hedgerow fruit to be gathered from the nearby woodland. My home was built in the 1850s, and retains a lot of its original character. It is largely furnished with vintage pieces that I have collected over the years. Some pieces have been up-cycled to give them a fresh look, and I love the way that my own take on interior design evolves over time! As this blog develops, I hope to share with you some of my many interests, Vintage clothing, Selling Vintage, Up-cycling, sewing, repairs, the home, the garden, coast and countryside, and eating well.


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Recycled tin bath pond.
Tin bath garden pond.

Top of the garden, Zinc bath pond, frog and bird friendly….

I re-cycle and re-use whenever I can, and the garden is somewhere where this principal is put in to practice a lot! I don’t have a lot of space, but I love to encourage friendly wildlife, so I have used a large tin bath as a garden pond, adding some rocks to create a “beach” at one end. This helps small creatures to take a drink safely. A few well chosen plants also give the creatures some cover as well as looking pretty.  My plants of choice for a small pond include the marsh marigold, which comes in different size varieties, and a small water lily.  In the picture above, you can see a beautiful white geranium , which flowers in early summer, in semi shade.

Garlic withstanding the end of December frosts. I plant mine in November for a July crop. When harvested and dried , they will keep well in to the winter. My garden is steep and terraced. It is sheltered by a woodland on the slope above the garden. As space is a premium,    I grow my vegetables in raised beds and large pots. The tubular framework below  is useful for stretching over horticultural fleece in  the winter and early spring, and later, chicken wire, which keeps off  birds and the neighbourhood cats!

Vegetable growing, raised beds
Raised bed garden


At home, A February day….

New paint, floor.
Fresh paint…newly coloured floor.

The upstairs rooms of my cottage are places to relax and recharge.  The floor here has just been painted in an eco paint that has no nasties in it and comes in lovely soft colours. I chose “donkey ride”. The embroidered picture was made by my great aunt in the 1940s. The tiny wooden chair was found at The Salvation Army store, Sally Anne’s in Carmarthen, the textiles are a Himalayan embroidered wool shawl, an old Welsh wool nursing shawl and a beautiful contemporary wool throw by Arthur Morus at Melvin Dolwerdd, Cwmpengraig. The other paintings are mine, yet to find a wall space. The weather maybe a bit gloomy at the moment, especially as Storm Doris moves around, but the soft light from the window in the morning is nevertheless beautiful. Around 6.30 am, the bird song is positively orchestral! I think that they all wake up and sing before their breakfast. This mornings avian visitors included jays, blackbirds, blue tits, wrens, robins, thrush, nuthatch, and somewhere nearby I could hear a woodpecker hammering too!