May garden

May 2018 the garden blooms

Its Mid May and here in Cwmpengraig the garden is filling with colour. After a harsh winter and a very cold and wet spring, we have enjoyed a spell of beautiful sunshine and soaring temperatures in the 70s Fahrenheit.

In just a few short weeks, the garden has woken up. An arch is covered in a rambling rose, (American Pillar) ready to burst into flower in the next few weeks. The area next to the steps is a froth of London Pride and creeping flox, contrasting brilliantly with the fresh green growth of the small larch tree, planted as a seedling two years ago. On the mid terrace of my small steep cottage garden, I now have a small seating area amongst the wallflowers (Bowles mauve, and Apricot), with bright blue cornflowers and album Purple Sensation about to break bud.  I wonder if, this year, my Pampas Grass, magnificent and enormous, will produce plumes of flower….if it does I will be delighted as it has failed to bloom in five years! The steep bank behind the mid terrace is a mixture of shrubs and self seeded geraniums, with a lovely Viburnum full of flowery promise! The bank is also home to an oak leaved hydrangea and a fatsia japonica….so is a fairly eclectic mix, as is the whole garden I suppose!

On the top terrace, a magnificent Pieris is still ablaze with bright red and peach bracts. My small greenhouse stands here too…a little worse for wear after the winter storms, and repaired (again )with gorilla tape to hold the polycarbonate panels to the roof struts.  Inside the greenhouse I am currently growing trays of pea shoots (as micro greens), and have sown courgettes, pumpkin, a tray of mixed lettuce leaves and a tray of coriander. In the beds I have planted two cucumbers and some basil, protecting them with cloches made from half plastic water bottles.

At compost corner, the half made compost has been turned into a second bay, and I have been using the lovely crumbly stuff the worms have made for mulching and sowing in.  The worm farm, that overwintered in the greenhouse, has now been moved outside.

At the start of the day, there is nothing nicer than stepping out on to the patio, sitting down with a coffee  and just looking up at the garden terraces…and enjoying the ever changing view.