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Energy balls
Vegan energy balls..a protein packed treat.

Its January and I am in need of a sweet treat on this frosty cold day.

I have made a small batch of energy balls…..sweet, delicious, simple to make, and full of protein.  Vegan.

I used the grinding attachment of my Oscar Vitalmax juicer, (an old but trusty model) to grind up 1 cup of organic almonds. Then I added 20  glorious Persian dates, stones out and put through the machine. To this I added 5 dessertspoons of Organic raw cacao ( powdered). Combine these ingredients into a fairly stiff dough.

Some have just been rolled into balls and rolled in dessicated coconut, to some I have added a little ground ginger, and to others I have added peanut butter.

Chill in the freezer and then they can be kept in the fridge. They won’t last long…..because they are delicious!