Fresh vegetables

Quinoa stir fry July 2018


Its Mid July and pickings from the vegetable garden are prolific, with more than enough green leaves and plenty of roots and legumes too.

My lunch today was a simple quinoa stir fry, assembled in a wok. I used half a cup of quinoa, cooked in one cup of water ( ten minutes). I  added one small chopped onion and one cloves of garlic to a little olive oil  and cooked for a minute, stirring constantly. Then added the quinoa, one chopped vine tomato, one chopped golden courgette, a handful of fresh peas and broad beans and two kale leaves chopped finely. I seasoned with a dash of soy sauce , sea salt and black pepper. ( cooks in five minutes). I added a little grated cheese but you could go vegan and leave the cheese out as there are plenty of lovely flavours already!

This makes enough for two.

I like the lightness and texture of quinoa, and am using it as an alternative to rice at the moment. If I was using rice, it would be basmati for this dish, as it keeps its shape and does not go sticky!