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Simple fresh juice ingredients, apples and mint.

Apple juice with mint
Freshly juiced apples and garden mint…lovely!

Its the start of July and the summer has been a mix of heatwaves and heavy showers here in Wales. Wales is a beautiful place in all weathers, but when the sun shines it is truely spectacular!  Earlier in the year I invested in a good Slow Juicer… the type with a horizontal auger, and I am really pleased with its juicing capabilities although the accessories pack that includes a grater/shredder attachment is a waste of time!( I get better results with an old fashioned box grater and a sharp knife!!!)

I grow as much as I can in my little garden, but don’t have an apple tree, so these organic beauties were picked up at the Organic store in Lampeter.  The other ingredient, mint, came from the garden, and for this juice I chose two varieties…spearmint and apple mint. ( I grow half a dozen or so varieties).  My juicer makes a wicked cloudy apple, and this is the juice of a dozen or so fairly small red apples with a large handful of mint!

Tastes great chilled….but I generally drink it straight away!

Good variations include apple and carrot, apple and bulb fennel, apple and orange…….




Wild garlic pesto recipe. Early May.

The lanes are full of the star-like flowers of wild garlic, also known as ramsens.  Wild garlic has a mild garlic flavour…

I use my wild garlic pesto stirred through spaghetti, and I make it in my Nutribullet.

blitz together:-

A small handful of mixed almond and Brazil nuts

A large handful of wild garlic leaves and flowers

a generous slug of extra virgin olive oil

et voilá!  Wild garlic pesto. Add a little sea salt as needed.

Wild garlic
Foraged Wild garlic, Ramsens.
Wild garlic pesto
Bright green! Wild garlic pesto.


So, your body is a temple…temple offerings

Raspberry smoothie
Fresh and fruity smoothie with luscious raspberries.
Ready to blend.
Organic oatmilk, fruit and seeds…ready to blend!
Raspberry smoothie recipe
Delicious breakfast smoothie with fresh raspberries and supercharged seeds and chia!

Woke up to a dull February day…in need of a blast of Spring sunshine! A quick smoothie to brighten up the early morning….

1 banana, 1 punnet of raspberries, dessert spoon of chia seeds, dessert spoon of mixed seeds ( my mixture includes hemp, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds). Add organic oat milk and blast in a blender.

Energising…….and tastes delicious!



Recipe for cacao smoothie
cacao smoothie, superfood

Starting the morning with a super smoothie. It helps if you have a blitzer….mine is a NutriBullet…

my recipe:- 2 bananas, chopped, a few dates, some mixed nuts ( I use almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazils), some mixed seeds ( I use sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds), a generous dessertspoonful of raw cacao, and half a dessertspoonful of maca powder.  Add unsweetened oat milk and blitz for 1 minute.

Making a smoothie
Cacao smoothie ingredients

It’s delicious….and even better if you can chill it for half an hour!

Top tip….use organic everything for this!

calories……too numerous to mention!

Will it fill you up and give you energy and make you feel amazing?….Yes it will!


Maca is a root, grown in the High Andes of Peru. It is naturally dried and ground to a powder. Maca is regarded by many as a superfood as it is packed with nutrients, protein, calcium and minerals.  Taken by Inca warriors before going in to battle, it is variously described as enhancing stamina, endurance and sexual performance. Maca has a slightly malty aroma, that I find personally reminiscent of Horlicks. Organic Maca powder can be bought at Wholefood shops and there are many on-line suppliers.


Cacao is a raw product , full of enzymes and high in antioxidants.  You can buy cacao as nibs, paste, butter or powder.  Raw cacao powder is made by cold pressing, which retains the nutrients and removes the fat, the cacao butter.  Raw cacao is different from Cocoa powder, which is produced by roasting the cacao beans and grinding. The high temperature used in producing Cocoa powder reduces the enzyme and nutrient content of the product to its detriment.  Raw cacao is said to have  many health benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and high blood pressure, and is a good source of essential minerals that keep the body healthy.  It is also claimed that cacao enhances mood.  Cacao powder also makes wonderful hot chocolate. I like mine made with hemp milk, oatmilk or almond milk.

Easy Squeezie

Fresh orange juice
Freshly squeezed oranges, packed with Vitamin C

It’s a winters day here in West Wales. Feeling good with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice…pure and simple.  Four or five oranges for a medium sized glass…packed with Vitamin C.

January 2018

Making marmalade.

Its early January, cold and wet and dark outside….however, in my kitchen there is a sun filled scent of Seville oranges……..time to make marmalade.  Seville oranges are bitter, and only available for a brief few weeks .  They are the best oranges for marmalade making, and will actually freeze whole if you don’t have time right now to make a few jars.

Marmalade making in January
Seville oranges make the best marmalade

My method: Just cover your oranges with water in a large pan. Bring to the boil and keep boiling for an hour. Let cool, remove the oranges, halve them and scoop out the flesh and pulp. Reserve this as it contains all of the pectin and lots of the flavour.  I used about 8 oranges, and 3/4 of a 2 kilo pack of granulated sugar. Add the sugar to the liquid in the pan and heat gently, stirring until the sugar is dissolved. Tip all of the pulp into a muslin or cotton bag, tie it at the top and add it to the liquid, tie it to the handle of your pan. Finely slice your empty orange rinds and add them to the pan. Boil vigorously for approx half an hour, occasionally squashing the bag of pulp to release all of the pectin and juices. Meanwhile, hot wash some jam jars and their lids, place them in a warm oven to sterilise. This quantity made 6 small jars, approximately 3 lbs. when the marmalade is gloopy, but not caramelised, i.e it falls off your spoon in globs and moves as one in the pan, take it off the heat and fill your warmed jars.

my recipe is not over sweet as I rather like the slight bitterness of the Seville’s. Other recipes will give you more accurate quantities and measurements, but I like to be intuitive in the kitchen!!!!!

Marmalade keeps well, and should be good for at least a year.