Stuffed kale recipe July 2018

Stuffed kale
Quinoa stuffed kale

Kale is a wonderful vegetable, and versatile too. I use it a lot in juices and in stir fries.  Last night I devised this simple recipe for stuffed kale leaves. It is a delicious dish that makes a great light lunch.

The kale, courgettes, onion and garlic were grown in my no dig beds.

I used 8 large black kale leaves, Cavello Nero or similar.

Blanch and tenderise freshly picked kale leaves in a pan of boiling water. (My leaves have strong central stalks, so I slid a sharp knife down to halve these stalks. ) Reserve two of these tenderised leaves to use in the stuffing.

Cook 1 cup of quinoa .

In a large pan (I use a wok) cook one small onion, chopped, three fresh cloves of garlic, chopped, in extra Virgin olive oil.  Add the cooked quinoa, the reserved leaves, chopped, and one chopped vine tomato. Add a couple of small chopped courgettes. Season with ground pepper and sea salt. I added a small amount of grated cheese, for flavour,(optional) and a dash of soy sauce.  This mixture will be cooked in two or three minutes.

Spoon some of the mixture on to a leaf, and wrap.

These are ready to eat straight away, but they can be chilled and reheated in foil later.