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1980s Vintage, fashion icons, muses and influences.

1980s Vintage is distinguished by a number of distinct styles and looks. Essentially over the top in every way, an 80s look is easy to re-create….you just have to think of a theme and exaggerate it! There is little subtlety here!

Key looks

Punk. Mid and late 70s and right in to the 1980s…..The Mohican or Mohawk, Doc Martins, slogan T shirts, rips and safety pins, face jewellery and piercings, leather, tartan, bondage, S &M.

New Romantic. Pirate outfits, Braided jackets, big belts, frilly shirts, face paint, long boots, androgeny, night club glamour.

Dallas style Shoulder pads. Power dressing, big hair, Dallas, Miami Vice, Dynasty and other American TV series, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Don Johnson.

The puffball skirt, acid washed jeans, spandex, leg warmers, leotards, headbands, Flashdance, puff sleeved prom gowns, the man ponytail, shoes without socks, pastel jacket over T shirt,  Hammer pants, gold lamé, the body stocking.

The Sex Pistols, Siouxie Sioux, Vivienne Westward, Adam Ant, Duran Duran, Yasmin Le Bon, Boy George, Culture Club,  Spandau Ballet, Lady Di, David Emmanuel, Katharyn Hamnett, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Madonna, Leigh Bowery, Steve Strange, Annie Lennox.

All of the styles above can be classified as either young fashion or power dressing….the two principal 1980s fashion themes.  Young fashion takes its inspiration from pop music and Television and film and celebrates independence, the new, the loud, the alternative, the individual.  Power dressing is all about assertiveness, taking control, creating a business persona, creating a successful persona. It is glamorous and based on the impression of wealth  and taste ( ironic).

1980s cocktail dress, coat, scarf.
1980s does 1940s cocktail dress, red wool coat, silk headscarf.


80s clutch bag
1980s leather clutch
Pirate jacket 1980s
80s crêpe New Romantic jacket